Hello, the name’s Joe. I’m a bit of a fitness freak, a research geek and get a real kick out of sharing knowledge with others.


 What if I told you there’s a way to significantly boost your body and mind, and that it’s CONVENIENT and  absolutely DELICIOUS?

For the last 5 years I have become increasingly interested in achieving my peak health, strength and vitality.

On this experimental journey I’ve expelled myths, fad diets and many over-complications of the truth behind healthy eating.

Ultimately, a Balanced Diet with GREATER emphasis on fruit and vegetables is optimum for most of us. Gorillas can pack on and maintain copious amounts of Muscle on fruit and vegetables alone. Yet I don’t advise this for us humans and I’m not going to turn Vegetarian anytime soon!

The problem is most of us live quite busy lives. Once we’ve manage to squeeze in regular physical activity and gym time we certainly can’t spend further hours of our day in the kitchen.

Whats’ more, unless you’re a star in the kitchen it seems impossible to get in enough of the green stuff in an enjoyable meal. It’s hard to stay consistent with a healthy diet if it feels like an annoying chore…

Then I discovered a super convenient and highly nutritious solution: Juices and Smoothies.

Blending and juicing is by far the most efficient way to boost intake of vital vitamins and minerals. A mighty assortment of fruit and vegetables can be crammed into a tasty single serving drink. It’s made in under 5 minutes and cleaning up is a snap.

What interested me the most was the limitless supply of recipes with their own tastes and unique benefits. With a little knowledge of super foods, fruit and vegetables you will be making personalised elixirs of health in no time. Smoothies and juices are easily tailored towards specific goals or health needs, such as:

Fortifying your immune system

Promoting fat-loss

Increasing strength and gym performance

Living happy and healthy


All these and more can be achieved with a convenient yet powerful lifestyle addition. It’s already practiced by thousands including professional athletes and celebrities.

Unbelievable results have been documented through the use of juice or smoothie diets. If you know what you’re doing it’s even possible to cure/treat illnesses, health conditions and obesity.

If You Feel As Excited As I Am, You Must Be Thirsty For More

This is my platform for sharing my discoveries and findings as I continue my journey. I’ve geeked out already, done the research, read the forums, blogs, reviews, tried things out etc.

I hope to fast-track you on your journey to reach SUPERHUMAN health.

Forget anything overly complicated or fancy. I’m going to share my knowledge on why you should be blending and juicing, how to begin, which machines offer the best value for money and even get you going with a few of my favourite recipes.

I’m always learning more and discovering the benefits of new ingredients, make sure you come back often to check it out.

Wait, what’s the Difference Between Blending and Juicing?